CAPI VP28 Litz Wire

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Designed by Jeffrey Steiger of Classic Audio Products, Inc. this VP28 is a full fledged 2-stage mic preamp for the 500 series format.

Come with two gar2520 opamps (discrete operational amplifier)

Two Litz output transformers and a CA2622 input transformer.

Litz wire is made up of multiple smaller strands, electrically isolated from each other and twisted together to make a single wire. ┬áConsidered to be the “preferred” version of this classic transformer: it provides “a more uniform high end response” but ended up extending and fattening the bottom as well.

-Stepped Input Stage (60dB of gain)

-Stepped Output Stage (12dB of gain)

-Two Op Amps

-Two Line Transformers

-Phase Flip Switch

-Mic/Line switch

-20dB Pad

-Phantom Power

-Three Pole Hi Pass Filter (40Hz, 80Hz, and 160Hz)

-dB/Octave Toggle switch for Filter (-6dB or -12dB/octave)

These are 100% VPR alliance compliant 500 series preamps.

Fully built to perfection in Canada with a 1 year warranty.

These can be also build to order.

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