Build Your Weapon Audio just began last year. I have a long career in music as a writer, composer, engineer, producer and performer and I have a great experience in knowing exactly what would be the best suited audio equipment for my recording needs. I first started recording in my early 20’s using low budget equipment. A couple of years later, I was recording in professional studios working with amazing engineers when I realized that all the gears was totally out of reach for being too expensive. Today, actually since the revolution of computer technology, it is now possible to write and record all my ideas directly from home. So I have started putting my own studio together, piece by piece. I believe in DIY philosophy, the real learning curve must be experience by oneself, known mistakes will ultimately lead to success while perseverance is the key. Above all, I think everybody should have the opportunity to follow his own path.

Each module is meticulously assembled one at the time with our engineering know-how, audio testing, and quality control to a single goal: Ensuring that our modules provide with an engaging and rewarding audio experience. They have been designed by reputable creators like, Colin Adshead (AML), Jeffrey Steiger (CAPI), Joe Malone (JLM), Mike Mabie (Hairball), Jean-Pierre Kuhn (Sound Skulptor).

Please take a moment to surf across the website. Perhaps you will join me and get some of that old-school sound into your head and work.

Yours Truly,

Jean-Yves Thériault